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Iron Steel Vanadium Titanium
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Chief Editor:Hu Hongfei

Serial Number:ISSN1004-7638 CN51-  1245/TF

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Experimental Research on Vanadium Extraction by CalcifiedRoasting and Acid Leaching
Fu Zibi
Experiments on Reduction of Molten Titanium Slagby Pulverized Coal Injection
Zhang Feng, Liu Kaiqi, Wang Shouzeng, Qi Zhaodong, Gu Jing
Experimental Study on Direct Leaching of Black Shale-hostedVanadiumbearing Clay Mineral Concentrates by H2SO4
Ji Chengqing, Shen Mingwei, Zhu Changluo,Hui Bo ,Yang Changyan,Cai Wang
Experimental Study on Recovery of Vanadium from LowgradeVanadium Slag Containing High Calcium Content
Li Kunlin1,Ren Shaolong1,Cheng Feng2
Effect of Formation Rate of Silicon Gel on CompactSilicon Coating of Titanium Pigment
Liu Shu1, Zhou Dali1, Kuang Linna1,Lv Bo2,Du Jianqiao2,Lei Xinyi1
Research on the Influence of Dispersants on Coating of TiO2
Cheng Xiaozhe
Preparation of La3+doped TiO2 and Its Photocatalytic Performance
Li Minjiao1, Zhang Shulin2, Lu Yan1,Yu Hong1, Zhu Wei1
On the Workhardening Mechanism of TWIP Steels Strengthenedby Nanometresized Vanadium Carbides
Liang Z Y1, Huang M X2, Yen H W3, Scott C P3
Thermodynamic Analysis on Precipitation Behavior of TitaniumcontainingPrecipitated Phases of Titaniumalloyed High Boron Steel
Yang Hao, Liu Ying, Li Jun , Zhang Hui, Ma Yu
Effect of Titanium Content on Microstructures and MechanicalProperties of FeCBTi Alloy
Zhang Hui, Liu Ying, Li Jun, Yang Hao, Ma Yu

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