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Iron Steel Vanadium Titanium
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Chief Editor:Hu Hongfei

Serial Number:ISSN1004-7638 CN51-  1245/TF

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Extraction of Valuable Components from Alkali Fused Blast Furnace SlagContaining High Concentration of Titanium by Two Leaching Methods
Wang Yan1,He Siqi2,Dai Qunwei1
Investigation on Chlorination Characteristics of PanzhihuaTitanium Slag in Molten Salts
Li Kaihua,Li Liang,Miao Qingdong,Sheng Zhuo
Study on the Structure of Vanadiumcontaining Phase and Its Evolutionduring the Calcination and Leaching Processes for CalcificationExtraction of Vanadium
Shi Zhixin
Removal of Iron from Acid Leaching Solution of VanadiumSlag by Complexation
Zhou Weihua,Li Zhenqin,Duan Meng,Lü Guozhi
Experimental Research on Deep Reduction and Grinding Separationof Low Tibearing Vanadiumtitanium Magnetite
Li Juyan,Tang En,Qin Cen,Zhou Qiang,Fan Xiaogang,Wang Jun
Study on Ramming Technology of the Casting Mold forFerrovanadium Smelting
Yu Bin
Preparation of Bismuth Vanadate Pigment by Solidstate Calcination
Du Guangchao,Yin Danfeng,Sun Zhaohui,Jing Han,Chen Haijun,Tang Hongjian,Yu Bin,Wang Tanglin
Evolution of Inclusions in Welding Wire Steel Containing Titanium
Liu Shanxi1,2,Zhang Caijun1,Lü Da1,Ma Degang2,Li Shuo2
Effects of Complex Vanadium Carbide and Graphene Additionon the Properties of CNC Machine Tool Steel
Shu Dongpeng
Effects of Ti,V and Nb on Microstructure of Welding HeataffectedZone for DH36 Steel
Li Shaoying1,Han Yihua1,Zhu Liguang1,Li Kun2,Gao Aimin1

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