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Iron Steel Vanadium Titanium
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Edited & Published by:Editorial Board of Iron Steel Vanadium Titanium Overseas Distribution by China National Publishing Industry Trading Corporation

Chief Editor:Hu Hongfei

Serial Number:ISSN1004-7638 CN51-  1245/TF

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Experimental Study on Separation of Iron and Titanium fromVanadiumtitanium Iron Concentrate by Hydrochloric AcidLeaching at Atmospheric Pressure
Wu Enhui,Hou Jing,Li Jun,Huang Ping
Preparation of Ammonium Polyvanadate Using High Concentrationof Vanadium Solution Containing Sodium
Guo Jike
Hydrothermal Synthesis of Titanium Dioxide and ItsPhotocatalytic Properties Evaluation
Pu Hong
Selection of Fatty Acids as Reagent for Vanadium Removal fromCrude Titanium Tetrachloride
Du Ming
Study on Particles Residence Time Distribution inLowtemperature Chlorinator
Li Dongqin
Effect of Sand Milling Times on the Quality of TiO2 Initial Product
Wang Haibo1,Chen Xinhong2,Wu Xiaoping1,Wang Bin1,Luo Zhiqiang1
Study on H2TiO3lithium Exchanger Synthesized byPrecipitationpeptization Method
Yao Qianqian1,Zhou Jiabei2,Zhang Liyuan1,3,Yang Shuang1,Zhou Dali1
Experimental Study of Vacuum Electromagnetic Levitation Refiningof TiAl Intermetallic Alloy
Ma Lan1,Yang Shaoli2,Piao Rongxun1,Zhong Kaiwen1
Preparation of Li4Ti5O12/C Composite and Its Application to AnodeMaterial of High Rate Lithiumion Battery
Meng Weiwei1,2

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