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Iron Steel Vanadium Titanium
Organizer:Pangang Group Company Ltd.

Sponsored by:Panzhihua Iron & Steel Institute Co.,Ltd. of Pangang Group

Edited & Published by:Editorial Board of Iron Steel Vanadium Titanium Overseas Distribution by China National Publishing Industry Trading Corporation

Chief Editor:Hu Hongfei

Serial Number:ISSN1004-7638 CN51-  1245/TF

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Current Issue

Preparation of High Purity Metal Titanium by Iodization
Hu Zhifang1,Jiang Honglin1,Xu Dong2,Cui Yan3,Yin Yanxi1
Study on the Reaction of Ti0 and Ti3+ Ions in Molten Salt
Mu Hongbo
Extraction of Titanium(Ⅳ)from Hydrochloric Acid Solutions by Tributylphosphate and Decanol
Mao Xuehua1,Liu Daijun2
Removal Techniques for Impurities in Acidic Ammonium Salt Precipitation of Vanadate
Guo Jike,Yin Zhaoqian,Jiang Lin,Fu Zibi
Structural Changes of Metatitanic Acid during Hydrolysis Process of Industrial Titanyl Sulfate Solution
Chen Hua1,Tian Congxue2,Zhu Yuxuan1
Temperature Control of Acid Leaching Process for Calcified Clinker of Vanadium Slag
Shen Biao
Effect of Aluminum Sulfate on Abrasion Ratio of TiO2V2O5 Denitration Catalyst
Xiao Yuting
Effect of Conductive Agent on Electrochemical Performance of Cathode Materials of Lithium Ion Batteries
Liu Tiantian1,Cui Xumei1,Wang Ningjun2
Research on Relationship between Microstructures and Mechanical Properties of TA15 Bars
Tang Jing1,2,Huang Deming1,2,Yang Xiongfei1,2,Liu Xibin1
Effect of Mo Addition on Microstructure and Properties of (Ti,V,Mo)Cbased Cermets
Chen Min,Zhang Xuefeng,Xiao Xuan

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