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Iron Steel Vanadium Titanium
Organizer:Pangang Group Company Ltd.

Sponsored by:Panzhihua Iron & Steel Institute Co.,Ltd. of Pangang Group

Edited & Published by:Editorial Board of Iron Steel Vanadium Titanium Overseas Distribution by China National Publishing Industry Trading Corporation

Chief Editor:Hu Hongfei

Serial Number:ISSN1004-7638 CN51-  1245/TF

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About ISVT

        Starting publication in 1980, Iron Steel Vanadium Titanium (hereinafter referred to as ‘ISVT’) is a Chinese bimonthly with domestic and international publication codes CN51-1245/TF and ISSN 1004-7638 respectively and the CODEN GTFTAB. ISVT is honored as ‘Chinese Core Journal’, ‘Core Scientific and Technical Journal of China’, Core Academic Journal of China’, ‘Excellent Metallurgical Journal of China”, and ‘Excellent Scientific and Technical Journal of Sichuan Province’, and embodied in internationally and domestically renowned retrieval systems, including Russia's Abstract Journal, United States’ Chemical Abstracts, Poland’s Index of Copurnicus, and China’s VIP, Wanfang Data and CNKI etc.

        ISVT, changed from a quarterly to a bimonthly since 2012, is sponsored by Pangang Group Research Institute Co., Ltd. and assisted by Strategic Alliance of Vanadium & Titanium Resources Comprehensive Utilization and Industrial Technology Innovation, State Key Laboratory of Vanadium and Titanium Resources Comprehensive Utilization, and Vanadium International Technical Committee(Vanitec). It is a comprehensive metallurgical science and technology journal and the only academic periodical in China that systematically reports smelting and comprehensive utilization of V-bearing titaniferous magnetite. The journal’s name on its cover was written by former vice-premier and president of the Chinese Academy of Sciences Fang Yi, who also wrote the inscription ‘make every efforts to improve the processes, technologies and theory level of smelting and comprehensive utilization of V-bearing titaniferous magnetite’ for the journal.

        Targeted at boosting the development of V-bearing titaniferous magnetite, applications of vanadium and titanium in steels, and comprehensive utilization of vanadium and titanium resources, ISVT primarily covers multitudes of important subjects in V-bearing titaniferous magnetite smelting with ordinary BF, intensified BF smelting of V-bearing titaniferous magnetite, vanadium recovery by atomization process, vanadium recovery with converter, steelmaking with semi-steel and continuous casting, vanadium microalloying and new steel grades development, development of vanadium-bearing steel rails, and full-length quenching for steel rails, vanadium pentoxide preparation from vanadium slag, and production and further processing of titanium pigment etc. The journal not only fully reveals the progress in smelting of V-bearing titaniferous magnetite and development and utilization of resources, but also records Pangang’s distinctive practical experiences in construction and production. It plays an important role in delivering information in iron, steel, vanadium and titanium industries, promoting R & D achievements, guiding research and production, boosting development in V and Ti industries, discovering and fostering talented scientific researcher.

        ISVT has a high-level editorial board and a consistent review team consisting of experts and scholars. Besides their abundant research and production experiences, the editors of ISVT have been trained by the General Administration of Press and Publication of P.R.C. for their editorial positions. Therefore, they can make independent judges on the science and technology papers in their specialties. To ensure its academic level and editing quality, the editors strictly follow the publishing standards with academic spirits of objectiveness, preciseness and keeping learning during their editing and processing, and dedicated to realize the combination of technology, innovation, knowledge, and readability in the journal.

        After the revision in 2012, columns of the journal have been further optimized. It is composed of ‘the extraction of vanadium and titanium’, ‘the application of vanadium and titanium’, ‘resources and environment’, ‘review’, ‘metallurgical processes’, and ‘metal materials’ etc. With the columns changed, the journal’s distinctive theme of vanadium and titanium is further highlighted, and its functions on information integration and delivery are greatly strengthened.

        Although there is a long way to go before perfection is even close to being achieved, ISVT won’t let readers and authors down. It will capture every little progress in iron, steel, vanadium and titanium industries with more open sights and minds, and will try every effort to make itself become a distinctive competitive science & technology journal that serves researchers engaged in development and utilization of vanadium-bearing titaniferous magnetite as an international platform for achievement publication and academic exchange.

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