Volume 42 Issue 5
Oct.  2021
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Gao Guangyan, Gao Likun, Rao Bing, Wang Feiwang, Shen Hairong. Current situation of resource utilization of waste acid from titanium dioxide production[J]. IRON STEEL VANADIUM TITANIUM, 2021, 42(5): 99-108. doi: 10.7513/j.issn.1004-7638.2021.05.016
Citation: Gao Guangyan, Gao Likun, Rao Bing, Wang Feiwang, Shen Hairong. Current situation of resource utilization of waste acid from titanium dioxide production[J]. IRON STEEL VANADIUM TITANIUM, 2021, 42(5): 99-108. doi: 10.7513/j.issn.1004-7638.2021.05.016

Current situation of resource utilization of waste acid from titanium dioxide production

doi: 10.7513/j.issn.1004-7638.2021.05.016
  • Received Date: 2021-05-24
  • Publish Date: 2021-10-30
  • Waste acid after processing titanium dioxide contains valuable resources. The reprocessing and value-added of waste acid is gradually becoming the focus of titanium pigment industry. In this paper, the current situation of recovery and utilization of waste acid from titanium dioxide have been reviewed, mainly focusing on the application of waste acid in extracting metal elements, leaching metal elements, recovering sulfuric acid and industrial production. And then the future development of resource utilization of waste acid from titanium dioxide have been discussed.
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