Copyright Transfer Statement

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Copyright Transfer Statement

Article Title:                                                                                                                                                

Authors (listed in sequence):                                                                         

Journal:        Iron Steel Vanadium Titanium                                                                  

The author (copyright owner) of the above paper agrees to publish the above paper in the journal "Iron Steel Vanadium Titanium" and voluntarily transfers the copyright of the paper to the publisher of "Iron Steel Vanadium Titanium" on a global basis and clarifies the relevant issues as follows:

1. The author warrants that his/her contribution is original, does not infringe copyright or other rights of any other person and does not involve any academic misconduct such as leaks or multiple submissions. The author will be held liable for any infringement or leak if it occurs.

2. All authors agree to assign to the publisher of "Iron Steel Vanadium Titanium" all rights to reproduce and distribute the entire article (inclusive of illustrations, figures, tables, or any other content that can be extracted from the work)--including but not limited to the property rights of reproduction, distribution, information transmission by network, broadcasting, performance, translation, compilation and adaptation.

3. The publisher of "Iron Steel Vanadium Titanium" has the right to use the article in the following ways including but not limited to: copying, distributing and disseminating the article through information networks in all forms and media of expression now known or developed in the future; translating, adapting and compiling the article; using the diagrams, abstracts or any part of the article to derive other works; using various forms of expression (including but not limited to verbal, written and WeChat official accounts) to demonstrate and disseminate the article.

4. The author warrants that there is no dispute about the authorship of the article. The author of the article  will be held responsible in the event of an authorship dispute.

5. Transfer fee: Once the manuscript has been accepted, the publisher will pay the author a one-off royalty payment and a transfer fee.

6. Author services: In order to assist authors in their scholarly research, study, creation and publication, the publisher and related licensing platforms provide a number of services to authors. Relevant services are subject to announcements on third-party platforms.

7. Any dispute arising should be resolved through negotiation. Any party who fails to reach an agreement through negotiation may file a lawsuit with the People's Court with jurisdiction over the area where the editorial office is located.

8. This statement must be signed by all copyright owners. If the unsigned copyright owner authorizes the signed copyright owner to sign this statement on behalf of all copyright owners, he/she must also provide a power of attorney. This statement is binding on all copyright owners. The signing copyright owner warrants that he/she has the right to sign this statement and to make various warranties. After signing the statement, the electronic version of the statement must be uploaded to the submission system or sent to the publisher’s email address. The electronic version and reprint of the statement have the same legal effect as the original. If the manuscript is not accepted, this statement will automatically become invalid.

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